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2013 zhuzianA short history of the leather moncler jackets


   2013 zhuzianAutomne Moncler Homme Pas Cher De Haute Qualit Vers Le
   2013 zhuzianAutomne Moncler Homme Pas Cher Qu'il A Mis Ses Nouvelles
   2013 zhuzianA Look At Rapid Secrets In Moncler Pas Cher
A short history of the leather moncler jackets
Always in the United States and 100% patriotic each shott leather and wool jacket is New York city history, a story begins 90 years and four generations of Schotts in the United States. Meanwhile  the two world wars, and a king, let alone the love of americans and the open road. How many people leave their care behind you, hit the open road very difficult divisional leather... The shot shott shot. In 1913, ford's new model T start crowded streets of New York's bustling city, has two brothers, Russia immigrant's son,www.zhuzixian5678.com, follow their own a piece of the American dream. Michael Owen and jack shott raincoat with each in the basement of the lower Manhattan east and then sell street peddlers the door.
Ruth in news breaking the law, recorded, short changed our brothers clothes never when they are first put a zipper in a jacket. This totally changed American fashion and clothes. Very glad our brother wants to use today the shot shott shot a zipper on one of their jacket! Innovation is the time practices for target brother shott moncler market and leather jacket. 1928 irving shott produced the first a leather moncler jackets from their own design. In the $5.50 every called "perfect" it was a great success. This rugged,www.zhuzixian5678.com, durable leather , became the symbol of moncler and symbol freedom and the motorcyclist image.
Soon the country will plugged into world war ii, short brother usaf airmen entrust production later became "bomber jacket" from leather. Leather is a kind of assets to the wind from our soldiers kept them warm body, and they fly at high altitude. Next, on deck ships, soldiers using shott leather pea pea standpoint, wool coat, keep the cold sea extends from their bones. The second world war, the threat of communism, put in check MacArthur in South Korea, the rise of nations see new rebel - a will play with sports car,www.zhuzixian5678.com, and rock and roll. In 1954, now cult classic "wild the performance of the hot young actor, marlon brando, perched on his moncler shott wearing his perfect. Subsequent said, popular perfect surprisingly lead to declining jacket. Prohibited will actually is across the country school systems, because they symbolize a burgeoning population statistics of teenagers," hood ".
Over the past 50 years have seen new leadership to New York city shott and continues to grow. Style and products have changed, and some remain unchanged, as raw material is modern, change and popular style is in a hurry. Shott accessories everywhere,  and so far the global distribution moncler industry continued shott expanded to sunglasses, bags, nylon stockings and wools in their 100 years old factory in New York city.

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